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Fire Safety Solutions

Fire Safety Management

NRS Solution provides comprehensive training in Fire Safety First Response, Emergency Reponse Planning, Evacuation Plans and Building assessment to ensure your team can react in the event of an emergency. 

Companies Legislative Duties

QLD Buildings Fire and Rescue Services Act 1990

Under Section 8B Functions of service

The functions of the service are

(a) to protect persons, property and the environment from

fire and hazardous materials emergencies; and

(b) to protect persons trapped in a vehicle or building or

otherwise endangered, to the extent that the services

personnel and equipment can reasonably be deployed.

First Response Fire Training

Fires can be very dangerous and you should always be certain that you will not endanger yourself or others when attempting to put out a fire, all companies have a legal obligation to ensure your comapny has the correct training and the right amount of equipment to suit your business needs.
 For this reason, when a fire is discovered:
Total and immediate evacuation is safest. Only utilise a fire extinguisher if the fire is very small and you know how to do it safely. If you can't put out the fire, leave immediately.
 Make sure the fire department is called -- even if you think the fire is out.