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Project Management is often difficult, there is lack of knowledge, communication and understanding of the culture that surrounds you, the simple way to manage this is to communicate, listen and understand, respect, connect and work as a team in solving creating solutions, some of the techniques we use are as follows:


Workplace Communication

 Research and learn how information, procedures and policies and the SHMS (safety health management system) is coordinated and monitored.

Workplace Relationships

 Develop teams and individuals, through problem solving, planning, organising, learning, coaching and mentoring using the skills that we have to share.

Workplace Documents

 Collecting, analysing, registering, reading and interpreting information and document locations, then organising, planning and communicate.

Workplace Hazards

 Identify and research all hazards and associated risk in the workplace, using risk registers, plant registers, and maintenance registers, SDS chemical registers, workplace audits, incident reports and statistics to gain an understanding or an overview of the organisation and the environment.

 Conduct Risk assessments with guidance of the project managment or trained competent employees, determine the level or risk, implement the controls, review and monitor.

Workplace Training and Assessment

Identifying training needs and requirements, design, develop and implement learning programs, monitor and review the outcomes and gain feedback from candidates and supervisors.

Schedule training rosters and tool box talks to keep a culture of safety, give examples of why it is so important and how each employee shares their responsibility to work and live safely.


 Adhere and comply with companies policies and procedures, knowing the levels of authority and management, managing conflict with resolution techniques.

 Understanding and complying with industry specific legislative requirements such as Safety Health Management Systems, regulatory standards and codes of practice.

Work Ethic

Constantly work hard to achieve goals and vision of the team.

Be open and honest in communication with all parties.

Strive to exceed expectations and outcomes of allocated tasks.

Engage and involve the people that surround you.

Project Planning


National Resource Safety Solutions will provide a project plan prior to contract approval:


An overall Project Management Plan (PMP) will be developed for every project after initial consultation with the client.


Gathering specific information during the planning process and details on how the project will be executed.


Project Management Plan will be customised with project specific details and information.


Additional management plans will be created as appendices to the PMP e.g. Project Quality Plan, HSEQ Plan and associated documentation.


The size, nature and location of the project will determine how the contract is designed.


Please do not hesitate to email and discuss your business needs today.