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Training and Assessment


National Resource Safety Solutions provides a range of training assessment options:

Induction Training
Fire Safety Training
Safe Work Procedural Training
Legislation Training
Plant and Equipment Training
High Risk Task Training
First Aid Training


Definitions of a Trainer Assessor:


 A trainer and assessor shall be competent and authorised to perform or operate the task / plant /

equipment for which they are conducting the training / assessment, except that an

assessor can assess competency in conjunction with a technical/content expert for

plant / equipment for which they are not competent and authorised to operate.


 Definitions of Technical or Content Expert:


The training and assessment process can involve the use of a technical or content

expert to assess competency when an appointed trainer / assessor is not authorised

in the competency.


The content expert shall be:


An employee who operate the equipment/machine involved in the training/assessment; or

A representative of the company that made the plant/equipment or did the

modifications and understands the operational risks involved; or


A person who has operated similar plant/equipment in the past and is deemed by

to be suitably experienced for the intended task.


Assessment may be carried out by the technical or content expert working with the trainer / assessor in accordance with the assessment guidelines within the guidelines required under legislation or the Resource and Infrastructure Industry Training Package.