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Safety Management

National Resource Safety Solutions safety and health mission is to strive to promote a productive, compliant, safe and healthy workplace for all staff, subcontractors and others by developing cost effective solutions.

HSEQ Management | Compliance Coordination | Legislatiive Advisor | Training |Assessment

Strategic Project Planning | Stakeholder Consultantation | Measurement | Evaluation

Resource Management | Safety Management | Incident Investigation | Causal Analysis

Sub-Contractor Management | Environmental Management | Systems Auditing

State | Divisional Reporting | Procedural Revision | Mapping | Compliance

         demonstrating strong foundation in leadership achieving HSEQ goals;

         identifying and controlling health, safety and environmental hazards and associated risks;

         consulting with all levels management and stakeholders on decisions that may impact on their health and safety;

         integrating HSEQ risk management principles into all operations;

         encouraging a culture of teamwork, initiative and responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy workplace;

         continually reviewing and improving the health, safety and environmental aspects of the management system to eliminate workplace injury and illness;

         establishment, implementation, monitoring and maintenance of safe systems of work;

         compliance with Australian Standards and Codes of Practice plus all applicable National and State Legislation / Industry regulatory requirements;

         establishment of measurable objectives and targets;

         manage resources appropriate to risk mitigation strategies;

         continual improvement in all aspects of the clients operations, through internal and external audit processes;

         provide instruction, training, information and workplace competency management mapped to the Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Packages;

         utilising cost effective resources as required in the execution of the clients HSEQ responsibilities.